A major cause of global
warming is the attitude of
mankind to Nature. Human
activities have been merci-
lessly damamging our
precious ecosystem since
beginning of Industrial
Revolution. The Earth
belongs to all of us - and we
are responsible in our actions
to prevent further damages on
the planet. Join us as we spread
awareness of the 6 Degrees of
Extinction and stop global temperature
from incresing by another 2C before it
is too late.
Tell6 of your friends about global warming and be rewarded through the 6 degrees network.
To foster an environmentally-conscious culture
Tell6 believes that spreading awareness will be the first integral step to do so. People need to know the dire state of which the planet is in today and how the actions of human have led to a series of irreversible damages to the environment. These are facts that might be too painful for most people to know, but at this rate of environmental degradation, there is simply no time to be ignorant.
Sandalwood is one of the unique trees that could product up to seven times the oxygen level compared to other plants.
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"From Green to Gold" is our motto -
a belief that we can transform sandalwood trees into a multi-million dollar global industry.
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The Green Venture (TGV) is a plantation management company that successfully operates under a unique fusion between environmental sustainability and distinctive business concept.
The Green Life is an eco-friendly
commericial platoform that forcuses
on delivering green, high-quality,
health and wellness products to
promote a lifestyle that are
better for the environment
and well-being.

Clients can discover
earth-friendly, gorgerously
beneficial products
ranging from health
supplements to
household utilities
that cater to all the
dily needs.

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The Green World is an environtmental NGO platform that seeks to protect the environment against the misuse or degradation from human forces.
Tackle our campaign to make earth greener place to live in.
In The Green Mall you will find our
complete range of eco-friendly
products including household
cleaners, body care products,
household equipment and other
environmental products. We also
welcome independent merchants to
retail their products with us in The
Green Mall. Found out now how to
be a part of this eco-friendly
shopping experience.
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