Tell6 Group prides itself as one of fastest growing environmental organizations in Malaysia. It focuses on protecting and sustaining the natural environment, ensuring that all of us are making responsible decisions that will reduce negative impact on the environment. The organization was established in year 2007 by Fragrant Hill Corporate Limited. Over the years, the organization has evolved in lockstep with a changing marketplace that has demanded guidance on growing number of green activities. This includes launching green teams, communicating goals internally, and cause marketing opportunities.

Tell6 believes that true environmental protection cannot be achieved overnight or through an effort of a single man alone. Only when people are united for this great cause that our natural environment can be preserved for the next generation.
The organization’s foundation is rooted in an interactive online platform that connects a diverse and passionate online community. The organization constantly expands its reach and not only strives to protect the environment, but also doing its best to promote an awareness of the crisis we are dealing with today.

The organization is notable for its exceptional skill in implementing various innovative green campaigns such as the Trees for the Future Campaign and the One Tree by One Person initiative. These programs aim to educate the public on the fact that it takes only a few minutes to fall a tree, but many years to grow one.

With strong direction and effective strategy, the organization continues to expand as the years go by. Today, it has operations that cater to a diversified market that include Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States and China.

With a deeply-rooted passion for environment sustainability, the organization also works with various like-minded corporations or institutions to achieve its ultimate goal.
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