The Green World

The Green World is an environmental NGO platform that seeks to protect the environment against the misuse or degradation from human forces. In Malaysia, it established itself as one of the fastest-growing NGOs in the field, with plans for operation in countries such as China, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Green World quickly bloomed into a full-fledged organization that not only strives to protect the environment, but also doing its best to promote an awareness of the crisis we are dealing with today.

Now, with a more polished workforce, wider market reach and a more precise positioning strategy, the organization is able to utilize diverse and often innovative methods such as the Gift a Bag campaign and the social media driven, 6 Degree of Separation project to reach out to the masses in a more effective way. Positioning itself as tech-savvy organization, The Green World aims to employ more digitally-enhanced means to send out a ‘green’ message to the younger generations who are more susceptible to such manner of information transfer.

By embracing a culture for continuous improvement, The Green World believe they can strengthen their innovation, which over time, leads to greater sense of trustworthiness that they hope to project in everybody’s mind.

The organization aims to be the ultimate platform that aims to make a difference in the world today. ‘We work hard to uphold this promise and ensure this spirit is instilled in everything we do daily.’
Mission Statement

The Green World’s mission is to provide sustainable environmental solutions to raise awareness of the environmental issues we are facing today. We will achieve this by partnering with liked-minded organizations who will assist with in-depth research, effective implementation and long term support for the sustainability of the environment.

Vision Statement

The Green World believes that the organization will become a well-respected environmental firm in the global market. This vision will be attained by employing the core principles that involve scientific research, innovative approach, ecological and cost-effective mindset, and continuing education.
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