• Announcement of Dismissal of Mr. Hansone Leow Chee Wee
    18 Oct 2016

    Effective October 13, 2016, please be informed that Mr. Leow Chee Wee (Hansone) has been removed from all public and executive positions from our Company and all relations of business. After a series of investigations, we found that Mr. Leow Chee Wee has committed a number of serious disciplinary offenses.

    The following is a list of Mr. Leow Chee Wee’s violations:

    1. Violation of company policies
    2. Create misleading messages to confuse the market
    3. Improper personal moral demonstration that affected company image and reputation 

    We solemnly declare that, from now on, Mr. Leow Chee Wee is no longer representing our company in any company business and activities. Should there be any, our company will not be responsible for any issues or matters arising from such dealings.


    Thank you.

    Tell6 Sdn. Bhd.

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